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10 Reasons to Become a “Greener Cleaning Mom”

The new “green” is about using products that are safer for your family and the community in which you live.   Becoming a greener mom is not a political movement.  It  is a personal health issue for you and your family.

So here are 10 Reasons you should consider becoming a Greener Cleaning Mom. Notice, I said green-er.   This is about making small changes to how we clean our homes so we can keep our family safer and healthier.

Did you know?

1.  90% of all poison exposures occur at home

2. 90% of our time is spent indoors. EPA
reports that air pollution is up to five
times higher inside than outside

3. Indoor pollutants come from all sorts of
chemicals we use to make our lives
easier every day—paints, carpets,
furniture, household cleaners, personal
care, among others

4.  EPA studies indicate that elevated
concentration of household chemicals
persist in the air. Long-term exposure to
chemicals inside our homes may be
harmful to us and our families

5. Some 20 million Americans have

6. An average of one out of every 13
school-aged children has asthma

7. Asthma rates in children under age five
have increased more than 160% from

8. Common household cleaners and
appliances give off fumes, which can
potentially increase the risk of children
developing asthma

9. The average U.S. household generates
more than 20 pounds of hazardous
waste each year

Photo courtesy of US EPA website

10. The following household cleaning
products are designated as
household hazardous waste by the
EPA, and “improper disposal of
these wastes can pollute the
environment and pose a threat
to human health”

Oven cleaners
Drain cleaners
Wood and metal cleaners and polishes
Toilet cleaners
Tub, tile, and shower cleaners
Bleach (laundry)

We are supposed to separate them from household trash.  How many of us just put these in the trash cans?    I’m guilty too!  And where does this waste go?  More on that later!

Photo courtesy of US EPA

So, what is a mom to do?

Visit http://householdproducts.nlm.nih.gov/ingredients.htm

Step One: Go to the National
Institutes of Health Household
Products Database and find out what
you have in your home

Step Two: Enter names of chemicals
and see which brands contain them

• Step Three: Look up Toxicity
Information or Health Information for
the chemical

• Step Four: Properly dispose of harmful products

• Step Five: Find safer choices

Leave a comment and let me know what surprised you about this list.

Greener Cleaning Moms
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19 Responses to 10 Reasons to Become a “Greener Cleaning Mom”

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  2. So glad you found me from SITS and that I am now connected with you! I love your blog topic and this post! My husband and I were literally just discussing all of this this morning. Just saved your post to Delicious! Let’s be sure to stay in touch.

  3. You are welcome. That’s really cool that you were discussing greener cleaning. Let me know some of your questions and I’ll write some answers in a blog post!

  4. […] out a couple of practical ways to put your inspiration into action: Greener Cleaning Moms shared 10 Reasons to Become a “Greener Cleaning Mom”. I enjoyed this post because it offers big reasons and simple steps towards making greener choices […]

  5. Hi again,

    Just wanted to let you know that I included this post in my Sunday Surf post today and recommended it as one of the best posts I read this week: http://www.ithoughtiknewmama.com/2011/02/sunday-surf-the-best-of-what-i-read-this-week/

    Happy Sunday!
    Charise @ I Thought I Knew Mama

  6. (Hello from Sits Forum)

    A few years back I ran a little blog about me getting greener. It can be a challenge. But I did take a few things away from all my research.

    To this day my laundry is done with green detergent and baking soda (I have the huge bag from Costco), all my cleaning supplies are green, Simple Green and vinegar, and when I can we use organic body cleaners. It is a challenge, though, when my teen son wants to smell like a “man” to get the ladies. LOL. I’ll get him to switch.

    • Teens….that’s another story altogether! My oldest daughter was raised with natural cleaning products and personal care products. But once a teen, I let her decide. I told her I would pay for the natural, but she’d have to spend her own money on those products that I didn’t think were healthy. She still loves her toxic personal care products, but she has become more interested in using the natural cleaning products in her own home (She asked for a Get Clean Starter Kit as a housewarming gift.) That warmed my soul.

  7. I love your statement that it is small steps. It is overwhelming to try it all at once, but if we try it one step at a time we will eventually get there. Any progress in the right direction will be better for our health than no progress.

  8. Caren,
    This is so true. I have been making small steps for about 18 years and it is amazing how many chemicals I’ve reduced in my home. But, there is still so much to improve.

  9. I try to be as green as I can be. I agree it takes baby steps to make big changes in the end. When I look back few years and see how things changed in my house and in our lives the changes are very visible.

    My friend sells Norwex products so I am a big fan using products that reduce chemical use.

    • I first became aware about being green when a friend of mine introduced me to Shaklee products. Frankly, I was mostly impressed by how much money I could save and that it didn’t have smelly fumes. As the years have passed, I have learned more about the dangers of the cleaners. Seeing many of my friends and family members and the alarming number of children getting cancer has really made me think it is time to spread the word and try to help others. I am not so much about saving the planet as I am passionate about helping prevent illness and disease.

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  13. Hi Carla,

    I’m Latoya coming your way via the SITS forum. I enjoyed your post and I definitely agree as I have just recently switched to Shaklee. I also try to use other homemade cleaners with baking soda or vinegar as they truly clean better than the products on the shelf. Just stopping by to show some SITS love and I will definitely be back. Have a great weekend.

    • Thanks Latoya! It is amazing that green cleaners and home recipes work better than the toxic cleaners, isn’t it? We’ve just been swept away by the advertising that convinces us to use those dangerous chemicals. It’s good to know one more family is going to be safer. Congratulations on your switch to Shaklee products.

  14. I am really inspired by this post! The products our cleaning lady uses are so smelly that I need to air out the house to avoid getting headaches. Reading through the comments reminded me of Simple Green which I used to use and for some reason don’t anymore. I’m going to check out the started kit you mention. Stopping by from SITS and learning a lot, thanks!

    • Thanks for stopping by Lisa. I do hope you’ll give the Shaklee Get Clean Starter Kit a try! You’ll love it plus you will save so much money!!!

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