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Sunday Surf: The Best of What I Read This Week

This week, I am going to share some of the best posts I read about “Making a Difference.”

Inspired by a post by Emily at Family and Life in Las Vegas to “Do Something !” She has a list of 10 great ideas for making a difference.  Pick one or two and let’s make the world a better place.

At Healthy Child, Healthy world there is a new movie called, “A Wake-Up Story” about protecting our children from dangerous toxic chemicals in our everyday items at home.  This is a call to action to make small changes and join the movement to make a difference.  If we allow TV and magazine commercials to mislead us about what is really clean, then we may be putting our family in danger.  But, if we as moms start spreading the word, we  can be part of the solution.

At Mission Mommyhood Ethiopia, Heather shares her desire to become a mom. After years of struggling with infertility, she and her husband have made a decision to adopt from Ethiopia. Being an parent who chose adoption, I understand and relate to her upcoming journey. How you can make a difference is to support them through purchasing her jewelry at her Etsy store. Profits will be used to fund the adoption (which can be very expensive.)

Finally, several years ago, struggling in my home based business I stumbled across a business training website. I began to listen daily to the training and after a week, I noticed I began to change. This training was different than any I had every experienced. I attended several live events with Dani Johnson who not only taught me how to be a successful business woman, but also taught the importance of building and nurturing relationships (at home too!), getting out of debt, and most importantly about giving to others. She makes millions from her training, but lives on less than most of us. She gives away millions to projects locally and around the world. And recently, she was honored to be on ABC’s Secret Millionaire. Stop by her website and watch the full episode and then watch her “behind the scenes” video about what it was like to make the show and why she gave what she gave to each project. Her teachings changed my life and I have never been the same. I wish the same for you.

So go out and make a difference this week!

Leave a comment and tell us:
–What are you most passionate about to make a difference?
–Leave a link to a post that inspires you to make a difference.
— Leave a link to a post your wrote that inspires others.

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4 Responses to Sunday Surf: The Best of What I Read This Week

  1. Love that you included Mission Mommyhood Ethiopia!
    I Thought I Knew Mama recently posted..Sunday Surf- The Best of What I Read This Week

  2. Thank you so much for featuring me and my post. I really enjoyed reading the other posts as well!! I am now following via RSS!! 🙂
    Emily faliLV recently posted..Tales from the Scale Nutrisystem Week 17

  3. Hi. This is so nice that you highlight from the week. Great idea! I’ll be checking out Mission Mom’s blog and jewelry on Etsy! Thanks for stopping by Adventures of Austin Girl for #commenthour

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