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How I Clean My Oven Without Toxic Chemicals

One of the most toxic cleaners found in households is oven cleaner. I don’t know anyone who loves to clean the oven, but I know I sure don’t when I face the thought of the toxic fumes from oven cleaner.

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But, I don’t fear that anymore. Now, I use Shaklee’s Get Clean Scour Off Heavy Duty Paste. I don’t know exactly what it is made from, but I know it is natural and that it smells like strawberries! Shaklee created the first biodegradable cleaning products over 50 years ago when GREEN cleaning wasn’t even cool!

Anyway, here are my before and after pictures. (I have to confess it had been years since I cleaned my oven so it is yucky!)

Here’s the oven door before cleaning. You couldn’t even see through the glass…

Then I sprayed the oven with Basic H2 Degreaser Formula and let it soak for a few minutes. Then I coated it with Shaklee Get Clean Scour Off (the pink stuff in the pictures.) I let it sit for 15 minutes before scrubbing with a green scrubby pad.

This is one reason I don’t want to use toxic chemicals for cleaning. My kitten is going to be right up under me and I don’t want her to get chemicals on her that she will later ingest when she bathes. I don’t have little children underfoot, but imagine!

After scrubbing, I sprayed the oven one more time with Basic H2 spray and wiped everything clean. Here are the after pictures. It’s not perfect, but it is so much cleaner and all of this without any toxic fumes.

Now, you try! Either use baking soda and vinegar for your natural cleaner or order Shaklee’s Household Cleaning Kit and become a Greener Cleaning Mom! Start the Greener Cleaning Kitchen Challenge by clicking here!

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5 Responses to How I Clean My Oven Without Toxic Chemicals

  1. thanks for sharing this so glad you shared this
    angie recently posted..Diabetic Recipe- meat pie

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  4. I clean the whole house with natural products because I am mother of 2 little boys. I think that children playing on the carpet may actually be more exposed to pesticides lodged in the carpet than from the outside, because pesticides break down less readily indoors than outdoors in the sunlight. I clean almost everything with baking soda and lemon juice.

    • Yes, Rosie. And have you heard that stay at homes are twice as likely to get cancer. It is believed to be due to all the toxic household cleaners and fumes in the air. Have you tried Shaklee’s Get Clean line? They are concentrated, non-toxic and save more money that natural solutions like baking soda and vinegar. Only 1 drop needed in 16 oz. of water to make a bottle of window cleaner (costing only 1 cent per bottle.)

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