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Harvest your own marigold seeds for next year!

This year, we are planting a garden to try to save money and to make sure our food is free of pesticides.  I was looking for some Marigolds to plant alongside our tomatoes and cucumbers because I read this will help with insect control.

I found some Marigolds on sale for 50% off.  Some of the flowers were dead.

But, I asked the sales associate if these flowers would be healthy to plant.  And, she shared with me a really great green tip that I thought was worth sharing.

“That’s the natural cycle for the Marigolds to bloom and then you need to dead head them (take off the dead flowers) so new flowers can bloom. ” She said the dead flowers are hiding seeds that I could harvest and save for planting next year.  (Then she said, “I probably shouldn’t be sharing that with you…he he!)


So, I pinched off the dead flowers!

And  pulled out the seeds….


I labeled my envelope…


Look at all those seeds!


And look how healthy the Marigolds look now that the dead flowers are gone…



Time to plant in the garden.  (I’m going to plant a few of those seeds too and see what happens!)


Have you saved your seeds?  Tell me your experience.




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