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How to Make Window Cleaner for Less than a Penny

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs about natural cleaning products and many of them suggest making your own natural cleaners.

I’ve been using Basic H2 Super Organic Cleaning Concentrate for nearly 20 years and recently did a comparison of Basic H2 window cleaner and a home made version. Read that post here!

Here’s what I found:

You can make a window cleaner for less than a penny with Basic H2 and it is so easy and mess free!  That’s a lot less than the home made natural cleaning solutions!  And…it works better!  No streaks, no odor,  non-toxic, eco-friendly: a delight to clean with!




But don’t just look at the cost savings!  Look at the impact on our environment.  By using concentrated cleaners, you eliminate all of this waste in our landfills.



Buy now!

#1   Good Choice

Basic H Organic Super Cleaning Concentrate

#2  Better Choice

Get Clean Starter Kit by Shaklee

You’d have to spend more than $3,400 to get the same amount of clean found in the Get Clean Starter Kit!*

And, when you purchase the Get Clean Starter Kit you also make a positive impact on the planet:

Keep 108 pounds of packaging waste from landfills.
Eliminate 248 pounds of greenhouse gas.

* Based on comparing number of uses as set forth on product labels of conventional, ready-to-use cleaners.


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8 Responses to How to Make Window Cleaner for Less than a Penny

  1. Jayme @ Runner-n-Spice

    Hi there! Thanks for stopping by runnernspice 🙂

    I’m interested in green cleaning products, but find that they don’t clean as well, particularly with dish detergent! I may have to give it another go. I didn’t realize I could make my own!

    Great blog 🙂

    Looking forward to reading more through 31DBBB !!

    • Thanks for stopping by! I totally understand what you mean about other green cleaning products not working as well. I’m always surprised at how well the Shaklee Get Clean products work. I just had a friend try them a few days ago and she said, “It’s amazing! I got out crayon stains I had worked on for months… It’s amazing! We had a cleaning party…the kids were using the all purpose spray and having a blast! It’s amazing that only 1 drop is needed to clean windows! How does it do that?”

  2. I have used basic H2 for a long time but never liked it for windows because it streaked. I think I might have been mixing in too much. I will try a new batch. I always wondered how the cost broke down between it and mixing something up myself. Good info. Thanks!
    Junebug recently posted..Whole Picture Wednesday

    • You are exactly right! Mixing too much causes streaks. 1 drop of Basic H2 is enough for a 16 oz bottle of water. Sometimes you have to remove a buildup of other products first.

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