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How Do You Go Green Without Being Extreme?

I lived in California over 2o years ago and the lifestyles and awareness about environmental issues were much more advanced than where I had grown up in Georgia. It was there that I first learned about recycling and conservation.

Having lived in many places since…including Okinawa, Japan where water conservation was a necessity, I’ve learned a lot about these topics.

Now, back in a small town in Georgia where it’s quite difficult to recycle and buy organic and so forth, I’ve learned to adapt. I’ve regressed in my own habits and though I still feel  a twinge of guilt when I throw plastics in the trash, but I sense a growing change in our community and in the United States.

It seems that rising gas and food prices are forcing us to be more economical.

There are thousands of sites about Going Green on the internet, but this one will be different because it will be my personal experience as a mom who has decided to make a difference by making small changes being green but….not going extreme.

My primary focus is a simple change we can make by changing our household cleaners to a more economical and environmentally friendlier brand like Shaklee’s Get Clean products.  This small act alone can reduce waste in the landfills, keep toxic chemicals from our home, and save lots of money in our household budgets!

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One Response to How Do You Go Green Without Being Extreme?

  1. I am always surprised as I move around the country the areas that make recycling easier or harder. Living outside Atlanta was actually one of the harder places I lived in to recycle. I would have to load up the car once a month or so and drive to the center 25 minutes from the house. I would save everything for as long as possible to make it worth the gas.

    Surprisingly Savannah has been a pretty good place. I’ve been pleasantly surprised the ease of curbside and nearby center for everything else. Love it!

    Now I’m focusing on reuse and reduce more than I did before.
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