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Keep a Clean and Shiny Sink

If housework is a chore and you let things build up over time…. then I suggest you try the Flylady system.

I’ve been receiving her daily digests (encouraging emails) that guide you step by step through simple routines that help you keep house in a minimum amount of time.  I think what makes her system unique is that she deals with the emotional issues we might have that cause us to procrastinate and not do housework.

Anyway, the very first thing she asks you to master is “A Clean and Shiny Sink.”  This first babystep is to make sure you don’t go to bed with a sink full of dirty dishes.  I’ve been working on this for the last month and I can say it has really made a difference in my attitude.  I feel better about myself and the house.

By the way, FLY stands for “Finally Loving Yourself.”   Flylady is a great resource and encouragement to help you keep house.

Since she recommends a Clean and Shiny Sink, I thought I would review how I keep my sink clean and shiny (the green and natural way!)

How I Clean My Sink Without Toxic Cleaners

I used to use those spray and wipe products from the grocery store to clean my sinks until I was introduced to Shaklee’s Basic H and Shaklee Basic G nearly 20  years ago.  I believed the lies the commercials told me about needing those harsh chemicals to kill the germs and keep my home clean.  But, not anymore.  Back then, I was mostly interested in saving money.  Now, I understand the health consequences of using toxic cleaners.

Here’s a picture of my porcelain sink.  It stains easily.

Next, I sprayed my sink with Basic H2 All purpose spray and then covered with Get Clean Scour Off Heavy Duty Paste. I let it soak for 2 minutes and then used a scrubby to scrub the sink stains.  Then I rinsed it and whah-lah— all shiny and clean and no toxins to breathe!



You can order Shaklee Basic H2 and Scour Off at my Shaklee Store.

Email me from the “Contact Me” button above and ask about my Shaklee Specials.


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