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Test Your Product Knowledge of Household Cleaning Products and their Toxicity

Are you aware of the long term health affects that many household cleaning products and personal care products have on you and your children’s health? Let’s take this simple test and find out!

It’s easy! Kindergarten work you might say!

Simply draw a line from the toxic ingredient on the top to the household cleaning product on the bottom that contains it.

See how many you get right!

The CDC reports, “Every day, 374 children in the United States ages 0 to 19 are treated in an emergency department, and two children die, as a result of being poisoned.”

As you know, household and personal care products are not the only source of chemicals in the home, but they are the most deadly.

Fortunately they are the easiest to replace! Don’t take unnecessary risks!

Become an aware consumer. There are many safe products on the market.

All you have to do is CHANGE brands of products. Buy your products from a reliable wellness company you trust.

Hydrochloric acid is in Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Registered Pesticide is Formula 409
# 1 cause of childhood poisonings is Cascade
Butane Gas and Propane is in Pledge
Fiberglass Particles are in Tide

Get these products out of your home TODAY! Replace these products with safe, non-toxic cleaners.

The Get Clean™ Healthy Home Pack contains all the products you need to start making your home cleaner for your family and the planet. With cleaning choices that are SAFE, POWERFUL, GREEN, and SMART, Get Clean is the safe alternative to traditional household cleaning products.

Order yours today!

Sign up to receive a FREE sample of my favorite non-toxic household cleaner, Shaklee Basic H2. The most concentrated and least expensive green product I know.


Here’s a list of the alternative products I use:

(At first glance, these look more expensive, but in fact, they are super concentrated and cost less than most conventional cleaners to use.)

Click here to see my cost comparison chart here.

Instead of Cascade, I use Shaklee Basic D
Instead of Tide, I use Shaklee Basic L
Instead of Formula 409, I use Shaklee Basic H2
Instead of Pledge, I use Shaklee Basic H2
Instead of Chlorox Bleach, I use Shaklee Basic G

Sign up for my newsletter, get a free sample, and contact me to save money when you change brands. (I will show you how to save %15-30 off your products and how to get  your 2nd order FREE!))


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