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My Birthday Wish

Today is my birthday.  My family has been asking me all month what I want to do for my birthday.  It’s such a difficult question as I rarely think about what I want for myself.  I feel so fortunate and blessed and have everything I really need. I have an awesome family,   a  job that I love and a part time home based business that lets me help others.

So for my birthday, I took the day off work  and now that I have had my coffee and some quiet time, I’ve decided what I want for my birthday and you can help me!

Owning my own part time home based business has given me a lot of satisfaction in that it lets me be creative and make some more money for my family so we can get the “extras” we want.  Plus, I get to mentor other women and help them become business owners.

Being an entrepreneur is in my blood.

Everyone in my family tree owned and operated small businesses to provide for the family.  There was a 3 generation history of shoe repair stores on my mom’s side of the family.  My father’s family also has a long history of businesses and my dad has owned his own businesses since I was a little girl.

I always dreamed of having my own business, but I was one of the first to graduate from college and take a career path as a salaried worker.  So, having a home business in addition to my job fills that need in me to be entrepreneurial.

So, what’s my birthday wish???

I want to help other women explore their creativity and develop home based businesses both internationally and locally.

There are two ways you can participate:

1.  Make a  $25 loan to Kiva.org.  I started giving to this organization a few years ago    A $25 loan is combined with other lenders to make a small loan to the entrepreneur in an underdeveloped country.  The coolest thing is they repay the loan and then you can loan your original $25 investment to someone else.  I have loaned the same $25 to 5 different people!

My most recent loan is to Myra from Ecuador.


Mayra is 19 years old and single. She lives in the city of Ibarra, Ecuador, with her parents. Young, entrepreneurial, peaceful, and calm, Mayra has her own embroidery business. She creates hand-embroidered designs on t-shirts and other clothing. She is seeking this loan to purchase cloth and thread to complete her handiwork.

Mayra has been embroidering as a business for two years. In the beginning, she had help from her mother. Now she works independently. Mayra’s goals for the future are to finish building her house and to finish her studies. In the photo, Mayra is proudly demonstrating her hand-embroidered design on a souvenir Ecuador t-shirt. Ibarra is located very close to a large market town very popular with travelers and locals alike.

You can make a loan by clicking here. 


2.  Join me in Shaklee as a Gold Ambassador and let me mentor you.  I can help you start your own home based business using the most successful internet based marketing tools I’ve learned over the last 3 years ( take advantage of all the mistakes I’ve already made and get on the Fast Track to success!)

Want to work to Live Your Dreams rather than someone else’s dream?

Contact me to learn more about …

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Have a question about this? Click here and ask me!


If you choose to grant me my birthday wish, either by donating to Kiva.org or joining my team as a Shaklee Gold Ambassador, leave me a comment below!  I’d love to hear how many women we help become entrepreneurs on my birthday!








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