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Things to Do with Orange Peel: Cleaning GREEN!

Today we received a whole box of oranges for Christmas!  They are so delicious that I’ve already eaten enough to gather a bunch of orange peels.  Instead of throwing them in the trash, I thought I research some ways to use them in a natural way!


Here are some things I decided to try:


1.  Using the Orange Peel as a Hand Moisturizer

I simply rubbed the orange peel all over my hands using both the front of the peel and the back of the peel.  Then, I rinsed my  hands with warm water.   My hands smelled wonderful and were a little bit softer.  Thank you to Home Cooking Diva for this idea.

By the way, this is hard to photograph with one hand and a cell phone.

2.  Deodorize the Garbage Disposal

Now this is really simple!  Just put a few peels in the garbage disposal and let it run.  This will clean the blades and leave the disposal smelling clean and fresh.  The best part of it all is that you don’t have to use a toxic chemical to clean your disposal.    You can even rub the peel in your sink to freshen it up too.   I will do this often!  5 Oranges Potatoes warns not to use too many because she broke a disposal this way.    I also found this next idea on her blog:

3.  Make a Natural Air Freshener

Put some orange peels in a pot of water along with a cinnamon stick and some cloves.  Simmer….   Smells like Christmas.  Several bloggers claim this helps rid the air of airborne flu and gold germs.  It’s worth a try and you’ve got nothing to lose.  It’s far better than spraying Lysol or other toxic chemicals in the air.

That’s all I accomplished in one day with my orange peels, but I found this really cute video of a mom and her three little girls making a non-toxic cleaner with orange peels.  (I’ll stick with my Shaklee Basic H2 since it is non-toxic and so much easier!)

Another day, I’d like to try to make candied orange peels. I’m sneaking a peek at some ideas by pastry chef, Hsing Chen, on this blog.


Have you tried using your Orange Peels in a different way?  Leave a comment and share your experiences.  (I’ve got lots more oranges to eat!)





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2 Responses to Things to Do with Orange Peel: Cleaning GREEN!

  1. My mom always used to deodorize the garbage disposal with oranges. I completely forgot about that great idea. Thanks for reminding me. She also used to put orange peals in bushes in front of our house so the neighborhood cats wouldn’t poop there. It worked awesome!
    Lisa @ A Little Slice of Life recently posted..Recipe: Spicy Vegetable Soup

    • Thanks for stopping by. That’s a good tip for the cat poop too. I’ve heard it repels insects too. I use an orange oil spray for ants and it works.

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