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Are you vitamin D deficient? The shocking truth about Vitamin D.

I’ve never understood daylight savings time.  But here we are again…. upsetting our sleep schedules and routines.

Do you have any traditions for daylight savings?

I’m spending the weekend with my mom getting her house ready for Spring.

We changed all the batteries in the clocks when we moved them up an hour.

We’ve got some plants to repot and a few other little projects.

But, I wanted to take a minute and touch base with you and see if you are ready for Spring.

Spring is a great time to clean house.

But, it’s also just a great time to make sure we are taking care of our most important house, the one we call our body.

I’ve been taking Vitamin D all through the winter and (knock on wood) I have not been sick one day!  Not a cold, not the flu, not a stomach ache….  I am thankful!

You see last year, I read several articles about the benefits of vitamin D and I took a quiz to find out what levels I needed.

This year, I have taken the levels recommended.

So, what’s this all about?

For a limited time, I have arranged access for you to view a VIDEO  that has some shocking news about vitamin d that everyone needs to know.

It only takes a few minutes and I promise you will be glad you watched it.

You will also be able to take that quiz I was telling you about!

 You will uncover the alarming risks of vitamin D deficiency – a condition facing over 200 million in North America!

And, find out why the recommended daily allowance was just tripled, and may likely increase again soon.

Click on the link below…

Are YOU vitamin D deficient? Watch the video and take the quiz!
It only takes a few minutes and it could keep you healthy all year long….

I hope you have a blessed day!


P.S.  I may have to take the website down next Saturday, so don’t delay.  Watch the video and take the test today!

P.S.S.  Here’s a link to my March Newsletter.
Click here!

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  1. Good information. I recently read that Vitamin D deficiency in the US has increased steadily over the past 2 decades and now many dermatologist are actually changing their recommendations to include 15-30 minutes sunlight exposure, several times a week to help combat vitamin D deficiency.
    Sara@ b12 deficiency symptoms recently posted..What is Vitamin B12?

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