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Looking for Green Cleaning Products that Save You Money? Save 15% on Shaklee Get Clean.

If you’ve been a fan of Greener Cleaning Moms for any length of time, you have learned about the amazing benefits of using concentrated environmentally friendly cleaning products that not only keep you from being exposed to toxic chemicals, but also save you MONEY!


Remember?  Basic H2, Scour Off, Basic D, etc… in these articles…
Well, now is the time to order your cleaning products at the lowest cost ever!


For everyone who orders by next Monday, you save 15% and you get a FREE Shaklee membership which means you save 15% on all reorders!
Offer extended until May 31, 2012!



Now is the time to order that Basic H2, Scour Off, and Basic D that I have told you about!


Click here to order:  http://wellnessplans.net


Do it now before this offer ends.


For more information about the offer revisit my blog post about this offer at Greener Cleaning Moms.


Happy Earth Day!  (Technically, it was yesterday, but for us Everyday is Earth Day!)


Did you know Basic H was a sponsor for the first ever Earth day in the 1970′s.  And did you know it was created in the 1960′s before being green was cool????


Just a little factoid to make your day.


Carla Clayton
Your Greener Cleaning Mom

P.S.  Are you still reading this?  Gee Whiz! Click on http://wellnessplans.net and order already!

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