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Year after year, it was the same story.  I had aches and pains and sinus infections one after another. I went to the doctors hoping to find the reason for this pattern. I was told that this was all in my head.

All they wanted to do was give me antibiotics,steroid sprays, antihistamines, and allergy medications. I was so frustrated and had given up hope on being healthy.

The pattern continued until……
a friend of ours introduced us to a company that made natural products.

After she showed us all the products made by this company,  she left us with a bucket of cleaning supplies and asked us to try them out and compare to what we were using.

I was very skeptical.  If these products were so great, why hadn’t I ever heard of them before?

Reluctantly, I read through the instructions.  Window cleaning solution;  Just add 2 drops to a spray bottle of water, smirk… Yeah, right!

So, I tried it.  Well it seemed to take longer to dry, but it cleaned the mirrors well.  No streaks.  But what I liked most… no fumes!

Then I went to cleaning my bathroom and kitchens and was amazed that it had no fumes and cleaned just as well if not better than the products I was using.

But what really got my attention was how much money I could save using these concentrated cleaners.

And, she told me it would help with my allergies.

So, I switched.

I also started taking the vitamins and added an air purifier.

And guess what? I did feel better.  Then an amazing thing happened. I noticed my allergies weren’t as severe and I wasn’t going to the doctor as often. As a matter of fact, I haven’t taken medications for allergies in over 18 years.

Yes, this same girl who was told by doctors to just plan to stay on antibiotics 9 out of 12 months of the year, was not taking any medication.

So, I became a passionate about sharing the good news.  You can take charge of your health.  You can make better choices of products you put in and on your body and use to clean your homes.  You can be healthy!

And, you can save money!  Lots of money!

So, who am I?

I’m a greener cleaning mom.  Notice, I said “Green-er” because I’m not the Green-est.  I’m not motivated by a strong desire to save the planet.  I’m motivated to use green products because they are healthier for me.  I’m not about a political movement.  I love the free enterprise system and believe if we create enough demand for safer, greener products that companies will make them.

If I save a few trees and reduce my carbon footprint, well…that’s fine.  But mostly, I want to be healthy.  I want you to be healthy.

So become a greener cleaning mom and make a difference….

Your friend,

Greener Cleaning Mom


Greener Cleaning Moms: We aren’t just cleaning…We are making our homes safer, our families healthier, and the planet better for everyone.

Greener cleaning moms reveals the truth about household cleaners and their dangers to our families.  We are here to help you learn how to clean house safely to protect yourself, your children, and the environment. We teach you how to save money too!


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  1. Hello There! Thanks for stopping by my blog. The Mango Rice Pudding was a yummy as it looked!
    I love your blog! have tons of questions! would love to learn more, especially since I have been using mostly green products for a few years now but through another company. I will be reading your posts and will be sharing them as well. We need to educate people about the chemicals they use in their homes. see you around! kat…
    Kat recently posted..Mango Rice Pudding

  2. Here from 31 DBB. Great About Me page. It did a great job of giving background on why you have your blog and some insight into who you are. It also created enough appeal to inspire me to check out more of your site. I also really enjoy the simplicity of your site. Nothing is detracting from the content and everything is very eye pleasing. You subtitle is also very appealing. Great job.

  3. this page looks great!! so glad the 31 day program is working for you! loved finding out more “about you” and why you are the greener cleaning mom!
    shelley recently posted..5 reasons why I am so glad Zach got his show from Oprah

  4. Hi there! Thanks for dropping by my blog! Interesting to read from your blog on greener cleaning products! Will come by more over the next 31 days! *)

    • You are welcome. Come back often. I put the Sits Girls participating in the 31 DBBB on my Google reader to make them easier to follow.

  5. Hi Carla,
    Thanks so much for reaching out to me today about a guest post. I would definitely be interested in doing something. Please let me know if you have a particular direction/topic in mind. I look forward to reading more of your blog and connecting again down the road.
    Kristin recently posted..5 Great Apps to Keep You Organized

    • I think a post about organizing your cleaning supplies (mops, brooms,etc . ) and/or a way to organize your cleaning tasks ( schedule) would be interesting for my readers.

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