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I’ve been writing post after post about cleaning your home with safe, natural and green cleaning products — to the point where it might be difficult for a new reader to find a good place to start.

The following list of links are my suggestions for getting started cleaning greener.


  • How to Shine Your Sink –  Keeping a shiny sink is the foundation to a clean home.  How do you shine that sink without toxic cleaners?  Can it really get clean using natural cleaners?  Read this post and find out how I do this and you can too! Plus, you can join us in the 10 week kitchen cleaning challenge!


  • How to Clean Your Oven without Toxic Chemicals – Oven Cleaners are known to be one of the most toxic and dangerous chemicals we use to clean our house.  It’s time to try some alternatives.  Read this post for tips on how to use natural product that work!  Yes, you’ll need to use a little elbow grease, but wouldn’t you rather do that than be exposed to chemicals that may cause lung damage?


  • How to Clean Dishes in Without Phosphates — For years and years it was acceptable to use products with phosphates, but those days have changed.  They are no longer allowed in our automatic dish washing detergent.  Have you noticed your dishes aren’t as clean?  Here’s a safe and green product that works!


  • How to Make Window Cleaner for Less Than a Penny a Bottle —  Most window cleaners whether store bought or home made use ammonia which releases toxic fumes and is considered dangerous to have in the home for you and your children.  Try this alternative and save lots of money too!  This formula costs less than making window cleaner from vinegar and it works better too!


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